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                                                             nuances of intricate political machinations. He caught many off guard by his proposal to form a ‘Supreme Council’ which would see a major role being played by both Karu Jayasuriya and Sajith Premadasa. Wickremesinghe has rightly gauged the level of support that Jayasuriya and Premadasa both enjoy, and by engaging them himself, he has placed the ball firmly in the Premadasa court. One of the conditions – if that was the correct terminology used – was that to showcase a new purpose of mind and unity to the membership, a meeting of Wickremesinghe, Jayasuriya and Premadasa be held immediately. Jayasuriya readily agreed but Premadasa was unable to do so.
Wickremasinghe loyalists were quick to ignite a blame game, saying that for all his position as a lead player in the calls for party reforms, Premadasa has once again displayed intransigence. The actual fact of the matter, as revealed by sources close to Jayasuriya was that the decision to hold this tri-partite meeting was arbitrarily decided without consulting Premadasa, whose daily work-load in Hambantota is usually quite full.