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                          Compared with the start of the war in 2001 to oust the Taliban, “Afghanistan has benefited enormously,” Britain's Philip Hammond said as he went into a meeting of NATO defence ministers.

Afghanistan lacked the basics of a modern state then but “we have turned that around,” Hammond said.
“It is never going to be like Switzerland” in Afghanistan but there will be a government in Kabul in control of the armed forces and most of the territory, he added.
His German colleague Thomas de Maiziere made similar remarks, saying he was very surprised by Karzai's attack on NATO's role.
“In the past, the Afghan president made very positive remarks about the NATO mission,” de Maziere said.
“These remarks astonished me and do not reflect what the Afghan people tell us every day,” he said.
Earlier this month, Karzai condemned the NATO mission for causing “a lot of suffering” without delivering any gains.
“On the security front the entire